Professional taps

For over 60 years, Rubinetterie del Friuli produces professional taps and fittings, functional, reliable and long-lasting professional taps.

The main features of our faucets are: high quality materials, innovative design, ergonomics and functional efficiency. Over time they have made our company a leader in the professional market and taps used in different fields such as in industrial kitchens, hotels and restaurants.

We have always been able to guarantee the highest quality in the sector of large catering systems. Our customers find the right product for their needs. We offer a wide range of taps for restaurant kitchens and large kitchens for canteens, school canteens and hospitals.

In our catalog called taps products for large systems you can find knee taps, foot operated taps, single handle taps, wall mixer taps or sink taps, two-hole taps, shower units and many other robust and wear resistant models.

Professional taps for industrial kitchens


Our taps are 100% made in Italy. Efficient, reliable, durable, made from durable materials, designed with maximum attention to detail, aesthetics, performance and functionality.

We produce taps for commercial kitchens for over sixty years. Our experience, the knowledge of materials and operational skills allow us to respond promptly to any specific need of our customers in the field of collective catering and taps for large systems.

The industrial sector find in our products that reliability to work daily in the large kitchens of hotels, restaurants and canteens.

We offer a wide range of taps for industrial kitchens, designed to last over time, ergonomic and specific for frequent use. On the website it's possbile to consult our catalog of industrial kitchen taps, constantly updated, full of technical information, drawings and pictures.

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Professional taps for large kitchens

Among our faucets for large systems and industrial kitchens, sink taps stand out: design, quality, flexibility and maximum functional efficiency.

Our experience in the design of taps for kitchen sinks, allows us to create a wide range of products for different installations, such as single-hole and two-hole mixer taps, wall or counter mixers, sink taps with water outlet downwards or upwards, sink taps with high spout, long base, shower attachment, with manual or photocell control.

Our sink taps are resistant and for different uses: in industrial kitchens, high-end professional taps are ideal for filling large pots, the taps with swivel spout are perfect for sinks with two tanks, shower mixers are the maximum of practicality. Furthermore, the aesthetic details, the chrome finishes and the colored accessories give our sink taps an unique and distinctive touch.

On the website you could find all the categories of sink taps for professional kitchens, including many models of high quality mixer taps.

Professional taps for school canteens


Our sink mixer taps are designed to be practical for the customer, functional and with high technical performance. We produce a wide range of kitchen taps, including one-hole and two-hole single-lever mixer taps, safe and technologically advanced.

One-hole with single-lever kitchen taps have a single hole for the top or sink and have a single control lever. Our single-lever mixers are made with precision and with a mechanism that allows the operator to easily control the flow of water and temperature variation.

Two-hole with single-lever kitchen taps have two holes for the top or sink. Equipped with double water connection, our two-hole and single-lever mixers are made with high quality materials and attention to detail.

We offer several one-hole or two-hole mixer taps with single-lever taps for kitchen sinks: with adjustable pipe-stop, with inclined lever, with lateral lever, with flexible and articulated pull-out shower and many other models, all easy to install and connection to the hydraulic system. you could visit our constantly updated online catalog.

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