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Shower group Top-Class black

Rubinetterie del Friuli has always been aware of how important it is to guarantee high standards of hygiene and cleanliness as required in industrial areas. For this reason it offers its customers a wide range of shower groups easy to use by those who work in restaurants, hotels, canteens and communities.

In our catalog there are many solutions for the kitchen of restaurants or industrial kitchens that could satisfy every need: taps with ergonomic and versatile shower heads, but primarily efficient and functional.

Our shower groups made for kitchens of restaurants and for large systems may be equipped with a professional spring shower with a spin radius of 360 ° and with plastic or stainless steel hoses. Available in different colors and various lengths can be equipped with mixer and a second tap. Our black Top-Class shower group is popular in large kitchens and large systems. Robust and manageable, certified ACS, 1m high and 5kg weight, with maximum water flow rate of 3 bar of 17 liters per minute. This shower group represents the right balance between practicality and aesthetics.

Shower Group


The shower groups have a flexible shower arm to guarantee greater practicality in the professional kitchens. This is equipped with a pull out spray that is controlled by a lever and is able to deliver a powerful jet ideal to rinse vegetables and to clean big dishes and sinks.

The shower head is made with internal components in stainless steel and EPDM rubber, all materials are tested and certified for use in the food industry.

In the catering service and in large systems, the professional shower groups with flexible and mixer are the right solution to facilitate operation and efficiency in the kitchen.

Our shower groups with mixer are made with high quality materials and designed to be used frequently. Those components are practical, ergonomi, resistant to wear and last over time.

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taps for shower grops

The tube equipped with a shower allows a progressive delivery that guarantees a greater speed of daily activities.
The design of our shower groups is studied in detail to combine the aesthetic factor and the ease of use.

Our shower groups may be controlled by lever or by pedal, single or double.
The pedal may be fixed to the floor or wall. We could supply 2 brass models, for large output and easy to install.
To dispense water, simply press and release the pedal, with a pressure on the second pedal the flow is interrupted.

We produce taps for large systems: with single or double knob, with mixer, with lever, with single or double pedal, single or two-hole. Our range of shower groups with mixers for industrial use is ideal for nay situation.

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