Company policy

Company policy


We are a production company that gives great value to growth through innovation.
We are a skilled partner in every field of design and manufacture of taps for large systems and taps for industrial kitchens. The whole world is a market: we want to strengthen our position as an international leader in this sector.
Innovate ourselves in order to improve customer relations, product quality and professionalism in services. Innovate technologies to optimize production and increase the efficiency of different business processes, innovate the image to stand out from competitors.
Be fast in strategic decisions and dynamic in actions to obtain the best results.


We have been designing and manufacturing faucets for large facilities for over 67 years. Over the years we have combined craftsmanship with the quality of industry and modern automation.
Skills and experience in design, knowledge and technical skills in production, knowledge of raw materials, sharing information with loyal customers: all factors that allow us to provide products with excellent value for money and also to create customized solutions to meet special needs.

Company experience
Corporate image


We continuously invest in communication to strengthen our image and advertise our brand worldwide. We adopt various marketing strategies and communication channels, both traditional and media-based.
We regularly take part in important international trade fairs about supplies for industrial kitchens and collective catering.
We are motivated and want to continue to stand out from our competitors. We work to ensure that our brand, made up of people, skills and experience, is recognized and associated with our corporate values, the quality of our products and services.