Company quality and values


For us, quality is the key.
The success of our company is based on the collection of customer requests, on the high know-how of the materials and their application, on the continuous renewal of equipment, on the constant control of the processing and management phases through dedicated innovative technologies and through people.
We value our human resources: competence, preparation, ability and sense of belonging to the company are very important for us. Our technical managers and employees follow ongoing training programmes.
We are able to guarantee the high quality and functional suitability of our products, the effectiveness and timeliness of our services, meeting the needs of all our customers.

Company quality certification


Our quality management system is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified.
We believe that adopting international standards allows the company to obtain results in line with the expectations of an increasingly demanding and evolved market.
Certifying the quality of our organizational structure and production processes is important, a choice of transparency towards Italian and international customers and partners. Certifications, research and development are the key to our strategies to increase production, reduce costs, be more competitive and keep our customers loyal.
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Rubfriuli: protection of the environment


All the staff work in safety as required by the law.
Automation, technologies and processes adopted ensure that production is carried out with respect for and protection of the environment. In the turning, roughing and milling departments we collect waste from brass, steel and metal.
The metal waste is selected, sorted and prepared to be picked up and recycled. Emulsions and coolants used in metalworking equipment are collected and prepared for recycling.