All the staff of Rubinetterie del Friuli


Our company philosophy is to continuously invest in technology, innovation and people, for a healthy and constant business growth. Multipurpose investments to develop the market, business processes, products and services, to ensure high quality standards and strengthen our brand.
Our philosophy of life is constantly working to improve. Respect, integrity and trust are the basis of our relationships with people, even in the company. The key to our success is our motivated, committed and passionate team with a sense of belonging to a large family.

Company staff in Spilimbergo (Italy)


Employees are our most important resource: each of them contributes to the goals and consolidation of the company. To take part in projects, share ideas and experiences, direct contacts between management and departments, make our group productive.
We care about the emotional well-being of our employees and we ensure that they work in a safe, collaborative and ethical environment, they are satisfied and they feel gratified in the performance of their tasks.

Materials for taps and faucets manufacturing


We respect our suppliers chosen for their quality and skills. We deal with them in a collaborative way, because only by establishing honest and long lasting relationships it's possible to have quality supplies on time.
Compliance with regulations and transparency are the basis of our relationships, from the origin of the raw materials to the processing on behalf of third parties. With suppliers and partners we always try to work in synergy, to improve the business of all those involved in customer-supplier relations.

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Listening to their needs, understanding and overcoming their expectations, confidentiality, loyalty and reliability in every relationship: we want our customers to be satisfied with our work and have confidence in us every day.
We are committed to providing our customers with technical support, proposing tailor-made solutions, flexibility in timings and products according to specific requests. We want to build customer loyalty and establish new partnerships, because the positive experience of the customer is a value for business, an element to stand out from the competition in an increasingly competitive market such as professional taps manufacturing.